Monday, June 12, 2006

Ever Onward

Been a while since I updated this blog. Sorry about that. Life here is unusual. Being me is just unusual. You would have to be me to understand. Anyhow, hows life with you? I've finished part one of my talked about, to be published hopefully soon story. I am working out the kinks in it. I am not a pro and this is my first crack at publishing anything besides art or poetry so it takes time and my nerves dont help. But I read alot and the stories and authors always inspire me with their work. I read alot of paranormal books as you might image. Ever read a book by Laurell K. Hamilton? She's a favorite author of mine. Has two books due out this year. One will be out at the end of this month (June) and one in December. I know what I want for Christmas. *Grin* Underworld 2 just came out on video also. I enjoyed seeing it in the theaters and would like to buy it. I agree that this Underworld wasn't as thrilling as the first one but sequels are usually like that anyhow. If you think about it, how many sequels were really better then the first movie? Not many. Still, give the producers credit. It takes courage to try and live up to the original.