Thursday, October 02, 2008

Book Books and a Halloween Contest

Books Books and more Books seems to be the blog to be at. First they have the Dakota Cassidy interview and contest (See below) this week and now they have a Halloween contest going. Hop on over there to see whats up for grabs and comment with your favorite horror movie monster. Explain why that person/creature is your favorite and what you would say to them if you happened to meet them in person.
For me, it would definitely be Frankenstein...
I always thought Frankenstein was very misunderstood and treated rotten. Maybe if he had been nurtured and the doctor had taken time to work with him, Frankenstein would not have been a monster at all. What would I say if I came face to face with Frank? I'd say "I'm on your side so please don't hurt me.". It always helps to be direct and not misunderstood in that first meeting. Vampire or not, Frank could probably go toe to toe with me. Who's your favorite monster?

Also, I'm having a Halloween contest coming up soon here on the blog so stop by often to check and see when!



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