Friday, October 17, 2008

Breeni Books & Maria Lima Giveaway

I've recently discovered a new blog over at Breeni Books. And they have some great reviews and contests. This particular contest really caught my interest. The author Maria Lima is new to me but her book sounds wonderful. Read the awesome review that Sabrina Williams of Breeni Books gave "Matters of the Blood" and judge for yourself:

"Keira Kelly is a necromancer on hiatus, relaxing and grounding herself in the town where she grew up: Rio Seco, Texas. She returns to her old stomping ground just in time to watch her own family pack up and head for Canada, so she's all alone in Rio Seco with her rejected mortician cousin, Marty. Marty had the unfortunate fate of being born a completely and utterly average human being, so his supernatural family disowns him and leaves Keira to watch over him.
When Marty calls Keira one afternoon in a panic, heralding a family emergency, Keira isn't too surprised and expects he's just in need of money, as usual. She isn't in too much of a rush to run to his aid. However, the truth is far more dire than his typical shortage of funds and Marty's murdered corpse is soon discovered, completely drained of blood and left to rot on his own embalming table. Keira is concerned that under her guard, Marty might have managed to involve himself in some questionable dealings that resulted in his death. When she discovers the tell-tale fang marks on her cousin's neck, she realizes the crime involves much more than some thug's revenge.
The investigation that ensues delivers Keira into dangerous territory, so it's a good thing she's immortal. In addition, she's got two suitors to deal with: an old flame who's conveniently returned to town as the sheriff, and a dark and handsome acquaintance who'd like to advance their friendship. As she unravels the mystery surrounding her cousin's death, she's also going through "the Change," meaning her body is acclimating itself to the supernatural talents she'll eventually excel at. With all this distraction, finding her cousin's killer is not going to be an easy task.
Nothing is black and white in Maria Lima's world, and each character has a multifaceted past with a great deal of complexity. The depth of her characters helps perpetuate the mystery, as the reader can never quite tell whose secrets are dark enough to land them as the criminal. It's hauntingly realistic for paranormal fiction.
Matters of the Blood is filled with plot twists and artful surprises. Lima builds incredible suspense and allows the reader to savor each revelation. The story is paced well, with fully developed characters and a host of supernatural beings. It's escapism at its best. There are a few chapters at the end, previewing the second book in the series, Blood Bargain, and it appears the next book will have more romance to it. Matters of the Blood focuses mostly on the mystery. Either way, I'll be eagerly awaiting the next release."

Is that a terrific review or what? I know that certainly grabbed my attention and made me really want to read this book. If you feel the same way, hop on over to Breeni Books and enter the contest. Good luck!



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I'm a new subscriber. Looking forward to read your current book.

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