Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Samhain's Seasonal Celebrations

The Samhellion Christmas Bulb Hunt:
Samhellions, we need your help! The mission…should you chose to accept it…is simple but dangerous. Some of our authors are in a Grinchy mood and they stole all of our beautiful holiday ornaments. Your job is to infiltrate their lair (website) and find the color of each precious bulb. Please be careful – there are spies EVERYWHERE. (Disguises are available at

There's no pressure but…our happy holiday depends upon finding all of the missing decorations before midnight December 4, 2008!

Thank you for helping us save the holidays for readers everywhere! The Samhellion Elves.
The Samhain Winner Wonderland Contest:
Samhain Publishing is calling all readers to join in their reindeer games! Santa ran out of room in his sleigh so he dropped off some cases of books in our offices! (This is where you yell, “How many boxes?”) He left so many that we can’t even get to the water cooler! In order to stem the dehydration that is running rampant in the office, we will be giving away paperbacks from some of our most talented authors. Simply click here, fill out the form complete as stated in the rules and your in the running for a prize from many wonderful authors.

The authors and staff would like to wish you a very happy holiday season! Contest runs until December 31st. Good luck!
And as if all those goodies are not enough, Samhain is running it's regular contest for an ebook, plus they have some free reads located here just for you. Samhain is the best an they are definitely leading the way in holiday spirit.



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