Friday, June 05, 2009

Suzanne McLeod's 6.6.6 Book Bonanza Giveaway

Stolen from Suzanne McLeod's Blog...

6 = Only SIX weeks until The Cold Kiss of Death :: book 2 is released! Yay!

6 = It's June! And June is my favourite month :-)

6 = There will be SIX winners in this week's giveaway!

So to continue my celebratory giveaways to help get the word out about The Cold Kiss of Death, here's this week's contest...

London is my favourite capital city*, not only was I born there, but now my books are set in London. I love to wonder round and find real places to set my scenes, like Old Scotland Yard [the home of the Metropolitan Police Magic and Murder Squad] and The Stilt, or Dali Tree in Victoria Embankment Gardens which if you've read The Sweet Scent of Blood, I hope you'll recognise :-).

So here's this week's contest - To win all you have to do is leave me a comment on my blog telling me which city in the world is your favourite :-).

First commentator picked by will win a signed copy of The Cold Kiss of Death [plus a signed copy of The Sweet Scent of Blood, if they haven't read it] and their choice of one of the other five books [by some of my fav authors] listed on my blog. [includes the new release by Sarah Rees Brennan - The Demon's Lexicon]. Commentators 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will also win one of the other books pictured on my HERE on my blog.

Contest runs until June 11th. Good luck!



Blogger Suzanne McLeod said...

*Big Hugs* I love that badge, thank you :-) Would you mind if I *borrowed* it for my blog, please?
[with credit, of course :-)]

6/05/2009 2:27 AM  
Blogger LadyVampire2u said...

I'm so glad you like it. I just wanted to tinker in my photoshop and came up with that. Please do take it and put it up on your website. I did make it for you plus I'm honored and thrilled you like it that much.

6/05/2009 4:50 AM  

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