Sunday, July 03, 2005

Author MInded

I think I may want to test out some of the pages of some of my stories as I said before. Its only paragraphs taken now and then from various stories but it would be nice to get some opinions or just see how it looks posted.....

"He was shoved irritably back in his cell but he was happy. He would be leaving this prison. He laid down and tried to rest..his mind drifted with thoughts of the new planet and what it would be like. It would be nice he thought..anything would be nicer then the place he was in now. He fell asleep smiling.

Two days later the crew was shouting outside his cell. He leaned close to the door and pressed his hearing chamber to listen. Apparently the world was civilized. The shields were going up and cloaking them to the planet’s signals. He thought this over. Civilization was not what he hoped for. Civilized usually meant they would hunt you down and kill you if they could. No, he shouted in his mind..he would not think like that. The people here would get used to him and welcome him. He could live alone for some years and gradually come out of hiding. Yes, that is how it would be.
It took three hours to land on the planet and then they were in the chamber and shackling him. He allowed the harness without fighting and let himself be led outside on the planet. He felt the wind first and it made him marvel. He had missed wind dearly. He breathed deep of the new had an odd taste to it but it was something he could learn to live with. He was roughly thrown off the ships plank then and they went back in. He sat up in a horror suddenly. They had not taken his harness off. Was he to be left to die as a coward without a fight, helpless like this?!? The plank started to rise but then stopped and a senior officer came out..he came and took the harness off even as the others called him to come back and leave the prisoner to fend for himself like that. The officer took the harness away with him back to the ship to the dismay of the others. A few moments later the ship took flight once more and he was alone. He stretched and smelled and enjoyed the new freedom. He began to was wonderful to run again. Not only wonderful but necessary...he was in the open and needed a place to sleep for the night. This world was dark at the moment and he would now live in the cycle it moved in."

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Welcome to LV's Blog Page

Hello and welcome. I never had a blog page before but will try to manage this one. I tend to write stories so this blog will not only have thoughts and ideas but sometimes passages from my stories. I hope to find new friends along the way so hopefully you and everyone who happens upon my page will leave a comment from time to time. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my blog. ~LV~

LadyVampire's Poem

Fangs or claws?
I stop to pause.
To ponder this...
Night sweet kiss.
To drain my prey...
Or hunt the wolf way.
Of one mind...
But still one of a kind.
Do I walk alone...
Or find a home.
Will they want me?
Or reject me forcefully?
To just have love...
I ask to Heaven above.
Please guide my way...
In hopes I find it one day.