Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ann Cory On Werewolves

Ann Cory is one seriously talented woman and this week she's talking about one of my favorite paranormal creatures of the night "Werewolves" over at Bittenbybooks. The link: or simply click the title above and be magically teleported. Either way, definitely stop by to read what Ann Cory has to say, find out her inspiration for this creature of the night and how it lead to her newest book "The Howl and the Pussycat" which can be purchased over at Samhain Publishing. And while you there, be sure and leave a question or two so you can be entered the win the twenty dollar gift card they are giving away. Then you can zip on over to Amazon and order one of Ann Cory's other delightful books like "Under a Warlock's Spell" or "Melting Iron". SO what are you still reading this for? Get on over there and comment! Good luck!



Blogger Ann Cory said...

Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words!

~Ann Cory :)

7/17/2008 1:07 AM  

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