Wednesday, July 02, 2008

TheKoolAidMom's Border Giftcard Giveaway

There's a neat blog called "In the Shadow of Mt. TBR" that's run by TheKoolAidMom. Don't you love her name? Me too. And she's giving away a twenty dollar gift card to Border's books if your interested. You have until July 31st to enter. As an added incentive, you might want to spread the word on this contest, the more entries that are recieved, the more prizes that are given away. Plus, adding this contest on your own site or blog gives you more entries. And yes, that was a pull for me but truthfully, I would have blogged about the giveaway anyhow because hey, who wouldn't want to win a free gift card right? Right! So here's the link: or click on the title above to get to the contest. Good luck!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've won over at my blog :) you have 2 days to email me with your mailing addy :)
Christmas in july

Keep posting, you can win as many times as the random number picker says ;)

7/02/2008 11:02 PM  
Blogger SQT said...

Sounds like a good contest.

Btw, you've won a book over at my blog. So be sure to send me your address so I can send off your book. (Undead and Unworthy by Maryjanice Davidson)

7/07/2008 12:50 AM  

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