Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Vampire Infactuation

Why do you think stories about vampires have fascinated people for so many centuries? Many people have answered that same question but who better to answer it then LadyVampire herself?
Vampires, they are dark and dangerous. And it really is human nature to be drawn to both the dark and the dangerous. Danger is temptation. It evokes something inside a person to seek it out. We press our luck, push things to the limit. Experience teaches us how far we can go but what about the unknown. Vampires, they are definitely the unknown factor. As is the dark. What lurks there unseen in the dark makes us curious. We feel a need to search out the unknown and bring it into the open. Basically lay fears aside even as that fear has a slight intoxicating beckoning.
And aren't Vampires supposed to be sexy, lust driven, masters of seduction? When you picture a Vampire you don't think fat or ugly. It's just the opposite. These hunters of the night are seen as muscled, sleek, powerful. Everything human nature deems beautiful and alluring. So now you have a being that is powerful, dangerous, beautiful, seductive and an unknown factor. Sort of like a magnet to the opposite sex wouldn't you say? Then, we also add the idea of ourselves conquering all that and being that one person to who this mighty being will fall head over hells for. Being the Vampire's one and only. Watching him fight for the right to be that one and only in your life. I don't know about you but as a woman, the thought of a man fighting to be with me, driving off the competition with a mad jealousy and loving me with everything in him....well it's a major lure. Some one like that, doing just would be hard pressed not to have your heart turn over for him.
So what's the attraction of vampires? I think the better question would be, whats not attractive about them? That thought brings the thirst issue to mind but feeding on a partner has since stopped being gross and started to become orgasmic. So there is a hidden attraction there. Killing might be another unhappy reality in a vampire's life but when it's to preserve life there can be exceptions. The resting/dying at sunrise might be an issue but it's something I think a person could learn to live with. I mean, come on, every person has faults. Atleast the vampire isn't snoring or out getting drunk.
In conclusion, I find vampires have the "IT" factor in today's world. Just look how many books, movies and Tv shows feature them. I personally find it fangtastic to be living in this day and age.

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