Monday, August 18, 2008

Blood of the Muse's Snake Agent Giveaway

Blood of the Muse is at it again with another great giveaway. This time the book up for grabs is "Snake Agent" by Liz Williams. This author is a new one for me but I thought the book summary sounded great:

"Detective Inspector Chen of the Singapore Three police department specializes in cases of a supernatural and mystical nature. So when the ghost of a murdered girl fails to arrive in Heaven as expected, it's up to Chen to investigate the matter.

Seneschal Zhu Irzh is a demon employed by Hell's own police force to promote and regulate Vice. So when a dead prostitute escapes from a brothel in the underworld, Zhu Irzh is assigned to track the irksome spirit down.

Chen wants to see Pearl Tang safely delivered to Heaven. Zhu Irzh is under orders to drag her back to Hell. The human and the demon have conflicting agendas, and every reason not to trust each other, but they may have to work together to uncover a fiendish conspiracy that stretches from the depths of Hell to the heights of modern cybernetics."

Interested in reading this one? Me too! Just head on over to the post by going to or clicking above to find out all the details. Contest runs until September 5th. Good luck!



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