Sunday, October 05, 2008

Get Spooked On Halloween Giveaway!

I just ran across Dee Carney's site and saw she has a contest running to win not one but 16 books by 13 paranormal authors! And all you have to do is swing by her website and comment that you want to be entered and for which author.
Now a side note to this contest, when I went on the website, the check marks were not working on the page for me. I kindly requested to be entered for all the contests anyhow because I love paranormal books. So if you cannot see the check marks, just ask Dee to please enter you anyway for all the books and I'm sure she will. You have until october 30th. Good luck one and all!

UPDATE!!!! Click on the title of this post or here to be sent to a new fixed link to this contest. And after you enter that, you should be taken to a new link to enter the Get Hooked On A New Series contest. If you didn't see the link, simply click here until October 20th to enter.



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