Sunday, June 07, 2009

C E Murphy Giveaway "Fantasy Medley"

Would you like to win a copy of "Fantasy Medley"? Just visit C E Murphy's blog and give her a some suggestions. What kind? Here's whats posted about the contest...

"THE CONTEST: Tell me (in no more than 50 words) what Old Races story you would like to see told. It doesn’t have to be something that comes organically from the books; you can just randomly want “a story about the djinn” or something.

THE CAVEAT: I may make off with one or more idea and turn it into a story at some point. :)

THE WARNING: I expect there will be spoilers for the Negotiator trilogy in this thread. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stay out of the comments.

THE WINNER: will be the person whose story idea I like best!

THE DEADLINE: I’ll give you a whole week. The contest will end on June 9th. :)"



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