Monday, June 01, 2009

"A Hint of Wicked" Giveaway!

Emily is giving away a copy of Jennifer Haymore's "A Hint of Wicked" over at her blog Scorched Sheets. Want to know more about the book? Here's what Emily has about it on her blog...

"What happens when a lady desires not one man, but two?" asks the back cover copy.

I suppose the answer depends upon the lady.

Sophie, Duchess of Calton, never dreamed she would find herself in the midst of such a dilemma. Her beloved husband Garrett, lost years ago in battle, has finally been declared dead by the courts and his holdings have been transferred to his heir. The world has moved on, and while Sophie has not buried her love for her deceased husband, she has allowed herself to grow a new love and for his heir and her lifelong friend Tristan.

Life, however, is not meant to be easy for Sophie. Not long after she and Tristan marry, a dead man appears in the middle of the night to wrench Sophie's new husband from her arms. Within moments, her painstakingly-rebuilt household is overrun by chaos - Tristan is banished to a guest room, Sophie is forbidden from leaving the house, and Garrett...well, Garrett is hardly Garrett at all.

Utilizing an interesting mix of Gothic themes and Regency sensibilities, Jennifer Haymore thrusts her characters into a complex, impossible situation. Sophie loves both men with equal intensity, but different hearts; Tristan aches for the woman he has long loved and the friend who will never give her up; and Garrett needs his wife, the only face he remembers and the only voice keeping him from a madness he does not understand.

As they struggle to keep themselves strong, all three characters face sacrifices and make mistakes. Sophie, Garrett and Tristan engage in a series of actions that parallel the underlying threads of warfare woven through the story. Casualties from Waterloo rise to play important roles and new victims fall, and much like the outcome of battles and wars, victories are bittersweet and winning is hardly winning at all.

So...what does happen when a lady desires not one man, but two?"

Interested in winning this book? Did I mention this is an autographed copy? Just visit Scorched Sheets and answer Emily's question for a chance to win. Good luck!



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