Sunday, April 27, 2008

You Need a "Small Favor"

Okay, you’re probably wondering about that topic title. But it is true. If you haven't read Jim Butcher's newest book "Small Favor", you really need to. This is a great book. One of my favorites in the Harry Dresden wizard series. To those not familiar with Jim Butcher, allow me to tell you that he has two series of books. One is a fantasy series, the other a wizard series. The Dresden wizard series is my favorite right now. Basically Harry Dresden is a wizard that dares to advertize in the Chicago Yellow Pages with his true profession. He's the only wizard in the listings. Harry himself does everything from working with police to solve magical crimes to finding stolen objects, etc from clients. And in "small Favor" he's once again in trouble.
You see Harry has had a lot of run-ins with preternaturals. Most he would have liked to avoid. Especially since some of those entanglements caused him to owe certain people favors. Now one of these people, a Queen of the Winter Fae, wants to call in the debt. And there's no way Harry can refuse. So the clock starts ticking and Harry has to rescue someone he loathes while avoiding hit men sent from a former friend and at the same time make sure he doesn't get himself or his friends killed.
I thought the book moved along wonderfully without a hitch and as always all of Jim Butcher's characters are captivating and endearing. The plot was a little complex but once you figure things out, the rest that you wondered about through the story sorts itself out. And I really liked the surprise scene in the hospital chapel. I won't say here what happened incase you still want to read the book but those reading this who have read the book will smile knowingly. Another point of interest is the island in the book. I've lived in Chicago and never heard of any islands in Lake Michigan until this book. It was surprising. Everything was on the mark and true even though Jim Butcher used a certain island in his book. It makes this reader curious and I think one of these days I will have to go out and find that island.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Vampire Infactuation

Why do you think stories about vampires have fascinated people for so many centuries? Many people have answered that same question but who better to answer it then LadyVampire herself?
Vampires, they are dark and dangerous. And it really is human nature to be drawn to both the dark and the dangerous. Danger is temptation. It evokes something inside a person to seek it out. We press our luck, push things to the limit. Experience teaches us how far we can go but what about the unknown. Vampires, they are definitely the unknown factor. As is the dark. What lurks there unseen in the dark makes us curious. We feel a need to search out the unknown and bring it into the open. Basically lay fears aside even as that fear has a slight intoxicating beckoning.
And aren't Vampires supposed to be sexy, lust driven, masters of seduction? When you picture a Vampire you don't think fat or ugly. It's just the opposite. These hunters of the night are seen as muscled, sleek, powerful. Everything human nature deems beautiful and alluring. So now you have a being that is powerful, dangerous, beautiful, seductive and an unknown factor. Sort of like a magnet to the opposite sex wouldn't you say? Then, we also add the idea of ourselves conquering all that and being that one person to who this mighty being will fall head over hells for. Being the Vampire's one and only. Watching him fight for the right to be that one and only in your life. I don't know about you but as a woman, the thought of a man fighting to be with me, driving off the competition with a mad jealousy and loving me with everything in him....well it's a major lure. Some one like that, doing just would be hard pressed not to have your heart turn over for him.
So what's the attraction of vampires? I think the better question would be, whats not attractive about them? That thought brings the thirst issue to mind but feeding on a partner has since stopped being gross and started to become orgasmic. So there is a hidden attraction there. Killing might be another unhappy reality in a vampire's life but when it's to preserve life there can be exceptions. The resting/dying at sunrise might be an issue but it's something I think a person could learn to live with. I mean, come on, every person has faults. Atleast the vampire isn't snoring or out getting drunk.
In conclusion, I find vampires have the "IT" factor in today's world. Just look how many books, movies and Tv shows feature them. I personally find it fangtastic to be living in this day and age.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Hex of a Read!

Has anyone else read Over-Hexed by Vicki Lewis Thompson? If you haven't read it, you should definitely pick up a copy. Really worth it. Its a light, uplifting, fun, romantic comedy with paranormal elements thrown in. The characters are really endearing and the story itself exceptional. Thompson might be better known for her Nerd series but I have a feeling this is her newest series in the making soon to be in the spotlight.
So now your asking what the books about? It's about this hot guy Sean who has the problem of attracting the attention of too many if not all the women he meets. And when a new couple come to town, Dorcas and Ambrose, who are magically inclined matchmakers in hiding, Sean accidentally mentions his little problem in front of them. Well, it's a challenge to the matchmaking couple who decide to act. But fixing Sean's problem won't be easy. Sean gets the make-down of his life even as he suddenly meets his soul mate. So how does a guy who's always depended on his good looks for everything suddenly convince the woman he's made for to give him a chance? Well it will be hard in Sean's case because Maggie is in town as a rival buyer for a piece of property Sean desperately wants to own in the first place. In the second place, Sean will have to really work at being charming instead of letting everything ride on his great looks.
I really enjoyed all the characters in this book but I simply love Dorcas and Ambrose. Thankfully they will be up for a new challenge in book two of this series titled "Wild & Hexy" coming out on June 3rd 2008. Can't wait to see what mischief they get into then.

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