Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Two More Decodings...

width="240" height="180"
alt="Abhorrent Person-Reaping Imp from the Labyrinth"
border="0" />

Artificial Positronic Repair and Infiltration Lifeform

Two other name decodings that I did. All found on the same site as posted in my below post.

A Bit of Fun

Angel Providing Rapturous Intense Loving

This is the what I came up with after entering my name in at http://sexy.namedecoder.com/ . You might want to stop by and see what your name comes up as, just for fun.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Story For A Contest

Well, Tara from the post after the post below is happy. I got done with her story a whole month before it was due for the contest. I am pleased with it, having followed the guidelines to the letter. It's now my second story I have submitted in for a prize. The contest was supposted to have taken place but I am waiting to see what goes on. The contest is actually on a Yahoo Group. They posted elements you must have in the story like...a ghost floating over a grave or a child giggling...and you had to incorporate this into the story. The people told everyone to email the entries in to this lady on October 20th, which I did. And they were suppost to give each entry a number and post them without author names allowing people to vote. So far I sent the story in and have heard nothing. I am getting nervous.
To tell the truth, this Yahoo Group had 8 different elements in a file they sent me when I joined their group in June. 8 elements for the Halloween story contest. I thought it was early for the contest but supposed that people needed the time to write. I went ahead and wrote up what I consider one of my favorite stories I have written so far on that first guide line file. When I asked questions in an email to this group manager after I finished my story...I got no reply. It was a big surprise to see new guidelines posted a month and a half later. I guess the file they sent me were the old guidelines but it really did upset me more that this lady I emailed, couldn't even take the time to email me back. Well, I am a forgiving person and dont like holding grudges so I let it go and wrote Tara's story. Now there's no word from this lady once again in email or in her Yahoo Group. I definitely understand about having a hectic and busy life but would it kill her to post in the group or email everyone to let them know what's going on? *Sighs* Anyhow, I am going to keep watch for another week and a half and then post aloud in the group asking about the contest. If this lady has no intention of using my story, I am taking it elsewhere and will leave the group. Cross your fingers that everything will turn out, would you please?

Just Returned From Neverland

Well 2 months blew past in my hectic life and I haven't been back online until now. I feel bad about that but I am very new to blogging. Still, I plan to try and post once a month at least. No more skipping months. I have to say that October went by quickly here. I entered all the contest online that I could just to see what would happen. Turns out I won some things so I am pleased. I also had to write a rather unusual story for one contest concerning a vampire and a garbage truck. I know. I would be rereading that too if I was reading it on someone else's blog. Anyway, I got first prize in the contest and won a ebook. The author was nice and said I should try to make this story into my own ebook but I am unsure about it. Maybe if my other stories sell, I can one day give this story to fans as a freebie.