Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cheryl's Book Nook Interview's J. Scott Savage + Giveaway

Along my many journey's across the internet I have found this wonderful blog with great reviews. And Cheryl's Book Nook is also having a fab contest this month. She's posted up a interview with author J. Scott Savage and a contest to win their new book "Farworld: Water Keep" as well. It's an advanced readers copy so if you win you will be amung the first to read this book before it comes out while us humbler folk have to wait for it to hit the shelves. This is also a collector's piece as well since it's autographed. Now if your wondering about this new book, it's a fantasy YA title and new to me but Cheryl had a great review posted on her blog so I'll include it here. Taken from Cheryl's blog...

"Thirteen year old, Marcus Kanenas has always had to defend for himself. His parents died when he was a baby. Marcus was born with some deformities. Marcus also has a strange mark on his shoulder. Marcus has a secret. He imagines a world far, far away known as Farworld. Everything there deals in magic….the people, the animals and even the trees and flowers talk.
One day a lawyer comes to the place where Marcus lives. He tells the man in charge that he has come on the behalf of Marcus’ parents and they want him back. The lawyer says though that he needs proof that Marcus really is the boy he is looking for. The boy he is interested in has a mark on his shoulder. Marcus can sense that the man is not really who he says he is and tries to escape. Unfortunately the man captures Marcus. The lawyer is actually an evil summoner known as Bonesplinter. He wants to kill him Marcus. Before Bonesplinter can do so Marcus ended up in Farworld.
There Marcus meets Kyja, her friend, a skyte named Riph Raph and Master Therapass, a master wizard. Master Therapass tells Kyja and Marcus to run for their lives from the Dark Circle. The Dark Circle is a group of summoners. Master Therapass tells Kyja and Marcus that he will catch up with them once he has taken care of some things. Kyja and Marcus end up experiencing all kinds of strange and unusual people and places in Farworld. To find out what types of things or if Kyja and Marcus survive you will just have to read Farworld: Water Keep for yourself.
I have not read a lot of young adult books. I do have to tell you though when I read the summary for FarWorld: Water Keep I thought I will give this book a chance. So glad I did. FarWorld: Water Keep was a good quality book, even if it is classified as a young adult book. The characters in this story were fun and had good personalities. Also I found the storyline to move at an easy pace. The only problem I had was just when the story was getting to the best part the book ended. So all I have to say is book two can’t come out fast enough. For anyone who enjoyed reading the Harry Potter books, and then you will probably like J. Scott Savage’s Far World: Water Keep series. Mr. Savage is going to make a great name for himself with readers of all ages."

... So there you have it. Interested in winning this book? Swing on over to Cheryl's Blog by clicking above or going here: and find out how. Good luck!



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