Thursday, August 21, 2008

Win With Wanderlust!

You all know about the awesome slam-bang contest to celebrate the release of the second Jax book "Wanderlust" I suspect. Right? Becuase I understand Ann Aguirre's become known for this sort of thing, so without further delay, Ann will reward your patience...
The contest is simple: the book releases in one week. At that time, you will go and buy it. An Amazon (or other online bookseller) preorder counts as well. You will then report back with your confirmation number (if you ordered online) in Ann Aguirre's comments. If you’ve already preordered, dig up that email and post your order number in Ann's comments instead. If you buy it next week on the 26th in a brick and mortar store, there should be a receipt number. Use that and post it in Ann Aguirre's comments. That’s your entry.
Think of it as a drawing (hey, you were gonna buy the book anyway, right? Right??) where you can win:
$200 in free books from your choice of booksellers
That’s right; you get to pick. Ann Aguirre will do a gift certificate from your favorite local indie store, or you can do BN, Borders, Booksamillion, Amazon, Powells, Coopersmith… the sky is the limit. Where do you want to spend my money?
So that’s the contest. It’s shiny and simple. Why this? Well, the street date is important, and Ann need lots of people buying the book right then in order to make bestseller lists. Does she care about that? Absolutely! So go, tell your friends, and then post your purchase info on Ann Aguirre's blog. She wants to give away this loot! There might also be unannounced bonus prizes if everyone will publicize this well for her.
The contest runs for two weeks, starting August 19th. Winner announced on September 3rd.



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