Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Book Binge Wants You to Shomi Yours

Yes, you read that right! The actual name of this contest is "I Showed You Mine, Now you Shomi Yours". Neat huh? And if your wondering about the word Shomi, well its a Manga like word for "Show Me" and represents a fantasy/futuristic new line of books thats recently come out. The Book Binge Blog is celebrating Shomi this week. And they are not giving one book away but seven! How's that for a prize!? It's especially great if your new to Shomi and like futuristic fantasy books. I know I do. I recently won a book by Eve Kenin called "Hidden" that was great. And you know what, that's part of this prize package too. And I know I've had the others on my wish list for a while here as well. In fact let me list the titles for ya:

"Netherwood" by Michele Lang
"Time Transit" by Kay Austin
"Twist" by Colby Hodge
"Moongazer" by Marianne Mancusi
"Wired" by Liz Maverick
"Countdown" by Michelle Maddox
"Hidden" by Eve Kenin

So how do you win? Just head on over to Book Binge by clicking the link in the title above and reading the post. You have until August 30th. Good luck!



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