Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On my Mind

I've read so many articles about the power of the mind but you know, most of it is uncharted territory. Medical mysteries and whatever else fancy phrases they come up with to describe it. And there there are all these myths about you having to have some horrible accident to access certain untapped realms of the mind. Like I want to test that theory and go stand in the middle of a field with a lightning rod? No thanks. Already have my own set of mysteries thank you very much.
So now, your growing up finding out your different. How do you cope? Its not easy with your folks telling you its your imagination. In fact, you grow up confused and trying to repress it which only makes things happen worse. Its a scarey time and I hope that no one else has to ever grow up in an unsupportive family. Unsupportive of certain special talents I mean. I mean, even if your family and friends dont understand it, they should support you. Its one of those life altering times when you have to think that your there for a person because they need you and your decision is in no way based on belief or not. But ironically, 60% of friends will try and believe and support you on causes in the supernatural realm of things. As opposed to the 30% support a person would normally get at home. And then folks wonder why their kids are secretive and hanging with their friends more then at home. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you feel more comfortable around people who believe you or atleast keep an open mind on things.
So you accept that your basically on your own with little support. And most times that support is fragile. A sad revelation but true. Makes me wonder though. How many others have certain supernatural talents? Have I passed you on the street? Are you a neighbor? Do we go to the same malls? Attend the same book clubs? Strangers and yet connected in an odd way. Too bad we hide ourselves so much. Might be nice to know you and have a friend who understands what I'm going through. Then again, I understand the need to be nervous and wary. But still, maybe one day...


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