Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Been a While Since I Posted

We all have things that come up from time to time. My life is no exception. Only I think I have more then my fair share of distractions. Of course I know I am not alone in feeling that way. So whats been going on in my life? Well, my brother is making a trip right now which worries me. So I'm hoping he comes home soon. Get in touch soon bro. And my uncle got a pacemaker installed. The accidents and incidents leading up to that decision were staggering. He's been in and out of the hospital more times then anyone else I know. Over 30 times atleast. My aunt had her eye surgery and that went well. And my other aunt is in Europe right now. I know she's having fun but I miss her. Thankfully she's coming home for Christmas. Thats months away but something to look forward to. And myself? Well I won some poetry awards, finished one of the books I was writing and have been doing good on the home front. The thunderstorms through my area have flooded my basement lately but I am determined to see things in a positive light. How is flooding positive? Well.....I do get to redecorate, repaint and shore up the walls. Thankfully I dont keep perishable items in the basement so the floor and walls took the beating and I have not lost anything of value. My heart goes out to everyone else who went through these floods and lost things. Thankfully the sun is out and shining these last few days though. I hope you have good weather where-ever you are when you read this.


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