Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reeving Back Up

Well all, its been a while since I updated my blog. Just have had chaos here and although its not settled down much, its enough that I want to try and update myself and my life. So how are you? Life is alright here. I managed to get back on the writing and am well into finishing a few stories I've written. That means choosing a publisher and sending in my work. The hard part will be waiting for a reply but I am patient. Any one thing that a vampire has alot of is time after all. I mean, I might have to hide from daylight but that doesn't mean I must sleep all those hours. Ever meet a insomniac type vamp? No? Well you have now. Anyhow, I am patient and will see this through but if your so inclined, cross your fiingers for me, would you? Now, it's time to design a cover for some of my books. No problem there though. I cannot do computer art that much but I can do art in real life. I wonder if anyone else draws their own book covers? Would be interesting to find out.


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