Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Okay, I want to get some things off my mind so I decided to blog about them. Personal issues. I'll come right out and ask if anyone believes in Esp, telepathy, spirit sighters, etc? Do you have a touch of oddness in your life? Have you ever witnessed or even felt something unusual? If you said yes, then you might be able to understand a bit about me and my life. You see, I have usual family traits handed down to me through my family.
Now some people think this is a cool thing to have or be able to see/do/hear/feel. But to most it can be a curse more often then a blessing. Imagine hearing bad things about yourself from some friend. Only you cannot comment on it as he or she is only thinking them. Or seeing the vision of some dead spirit but having to act normally because you dont want to embarress yourself in front of others. Its hard. Its not fun. It makes you want to be normal. Funny how those without these certain gifts can want them so bad while the ones who have them, would do so much just to be normal. I guess its just true that we always want what we dont have, and dont want most things after we have them.


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