Monday, September 08, 2008

A Name For a Pirate

Why a Pirate Name Contest?

Every pirate worth his salt needs a wicked pirate name to send terror into the hearts of his adversaries. As they said in THE PRINCESS BRIDE, "Who'd ever fear the Dread Pirate Wesley?" Edward Teach became the infamous Blackbeard. Gabriel Drake, the hero in PLEASURING THE PIRATE was known as "The Cornish Dragon." A name evokes the essence of a character. So do your worst! Send Emily Bryan your most fearsome pirate name! Or your funniest pirate name! Or a female pirate name! Your choice!

How do You enter?

Click over to Emily's Contest page and fill in the entry form. Type PIRATE NAME in the comment section and then your original pirate name. Emily will post the names here for everyone to see. On September 19th ~ INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY ~ She will whittle the field down to just the 10 most inventive entries. Then Emily will need your help again. Visitors to this website will get to vote on the final entries. Voting stops on ~ you guessed it ~ Election Day, November 4th!

What can You win?

For starters, you'll win signed copies of her entire backlist, PLEASURING THE PIRATE, DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS, SILK DREAMS, ERINSONG and MAIDENSONG. Plus, Emily will fill a box with books she picked up at RWA in San Francisco, many of them signed by the author! Then for good measure, She will toss in a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

Sounds like someone's going to make out like a . . . pirate! So get on over to Emily Bryan's website and sign up. Good luck matey!



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