Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nalini Singh On Taking A Hostage to Pleasure

To celebrate the upcoming (September 2nd!) release of Hostage to Pleasure the 5th full-length entry in the Psy/Changeling world, Nalini Singh is running a fun contest all about being hostages to pleasure *grin*

What's up for grabs?

The winner, chosen at random, will receive a US $75 gift certificate from the online bookstore of your choice :)

What do you have to do to enter?

(a) Do a post on your blog, livejournal, myspace, facebook or website etc, where you answer at least one of the questions below. You can do all three questions if you like!

* Which fictional hero (from books, tv, movies...) would you most like to hold hostage?

* Which fictional hero would you most like to be held hostage by?

* Which fictional world would you most like to be held hostage in?

(b) link back to this post & mention the contest
(c) post the cover of Hostage to Pleasure if possible; and
(d) leave a comment here with a link to where you've posted your entry (if, for some reason, you can't comment, email me the details at nalinisinghwrites @ (without the spaces))
*NOTE: If you're leaving a Myspace link, please leave a link to your profile - the direct links to the blogs aren't working.
(e) do all this before midnight September 5th, 2008, PST.
* Which fictional hero (from books, tv, movies...) would you most like to hold hostage? - I'd like to hold Quinn from Keri Arthur's Werewolf Riley series for hostage.

* Which fictional hero would you most like to be held hostage by? - I'd like to be held hostage by Tegan of Lara Adrian's book "Midnight Awakening".

* Which fictional world would you most like to be held hostage in? - I think I'd like to be held hostage in Laurell K Hamilton's world. A world where Vampires are citizens and the Fae mingle with humans freely.

Congrats on your new release Nalini Singh! I'll definitely being heading out to grab a copy when it hits shelves.


The Book Binge Wants You to Shomi Yours

Yes, you read that right! The actual name of this contest is "I Showed You Mine, Now you Shomi Yours". Neat huh? And if your wondering about the word Shomi, well its a Manga like word for "Show Me" and represents a fantasy/futuristic new line of books thats recently come out. The Book Binge Blog is celebrating Shomi this week. And they are not giving one book away but seven! How's that for a prize!? It's especially great if your new to Shomi and like futuristic fantasy books. I know I do. I recently won a book by Eve Kenin called "Hidden" that was great. And you know what, that's part of this prize package too. And I know I've had the others on my wish list for a while here as well. In fact let me list the titles for ya:

"Netherwood" by Michele Lang
"Time Transit" by Kay Austin
"Twist" by Colby Hodge
"Moongazer" by Marianne Mancusi
"Wired" by Liz Maverick
"Countdown" by Michelle Maddox
"Hidden" by Eve Kenin

So how do you win? Just head on over to Book Binge by clicking the link in the title above and reading the post. You have until August 30th. Good luck!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

J Kaye's Giveaways

If you don't know about J Kaye, well you definitely need to correct that. Not only is she a wonderful person and a friend of mine but you should get to know her yourself because she always has great giveaways as well. Right now these are the giveaways she has going on at her blog:

Win a copy of "Immortal" by Traci L. Slatton - Ends August 30st
About the book: Immortal is a rags-to-riches-to-burnt-at-the-stake story. It’s a journey of spirit and an education of the heart. That said, it’s the story of a mysteriously gifted street urchin who undergoes the darkest moments possible and still goes on to find true love, deep friendship, hope, faith, and ultimately the deepest secrets of his origins.

Win a copy of "off Season" by Anne Rivers Siddons - Ends August 30th
About the book: "For as long as she can remember, they were Cam and Lilly--happily married, totally in love with each other, parents of a beautiful family, and partners in life. Then, after decades of marriage, it ended as every great love story loss. After Cam's death, Lilly takes a lone road trip to her and Cam's favorite spot on the remote coast of Maine, the place where they fell in love over and over again, where their ghosts still dance. There, she looks hard to her past--to a first love that ended in tragedy; to falling in love with Cam; to a marriage filled with exuberance, sheer life, and safety-- to try to figure out her future.
It is a journey begun with tender memories and culminating in a revelation that will make Lilly re-evaluate everything she thought was true about her husband and her marriage."

Win a copies of "Lucky Man" & "Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine" By Ben Tanzer - Ends September 20th
About the book Most Likely... "In an early nineties New York City and follows the romance between Jen and Geoff the novel's two main characters. It is a story about fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the value of friends, the reason its best to go out for coffee on first dates and what exactly defines being on the rebound. The characters riff on their favorite books, channel Yoda and Bob Dylan, deal with siblings and try to make sense of a world that shouldn't be as confusing as it seems to be. They also seek greater self-awareness and debate why Dallas will always be superior to Knots Landing, even as they find love, lose it and find it again."

Win a copy of "Dark Lover" by J. R. Ward - Ends August 30th
About the book: "In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly turf war going on between vampires and their slayers. There exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Yet none of them relishes killing more than Wrath, the leader of The Black Dagger Brotherhood.
The only purebred vampire left on earth, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who murdered his parents centuries ago. But, when one of his most trusted fighters is killed-leaving his half-breed daughter unaware of his existence or her fate-Wrath must usher her into the world of the undead-a world of sensuality beyond her wildest dreams."

Win a copy of "Line of Scrimmage" by Marie Force - Ends August 30th
About the book: "He's a football star, and he'll do anything to win back his soon-to-be-ex wife. But her new fiancé will do anything to stop him ...
Rough and sexy Ryan Sanderson, Denver Mavericks quarterback, has just 10 days to convince Susannah to give him a second chance before their divorce is final. Too bad she's already engaged to the boring but safe guy she dated in high school before she met Ryan.
Marriage to Ryan was a whirlwind of passion and energy that left her feeling exhausted. Tired of playing second fiddle to his team, wary of the women throwing themselves at her superstar husband, afraid of the hard hits he took on the field, Susannah decided that sometimes the thing you want the most is bad for you.
Until Ryan comes back, determined to win her back, and willing to give up everything except her love ..."

Win a copy of "Testamony" by Anita Shreve - Ends September 13th
About the book: "At a New England boarding school, a sex scandal is about to break. Even more shocking than the sexual acts themselves is the fact that they were caught on videotape. A Pandora's box of revelations, the tape triggers a chorus of voices--those of the men, women, teenagers, and parents involved in the scandal--that details the ways in which lives can be derailed or destroyed in one foolish moment.
Writing with a pace and intensity surpassing even her own greatest work, Anita Shreve delivers in TESTIMONY a gripping emotional drama with the impact of a thriller. No one more compellingly explores the dark impulses that sway the lives of seeming innocents, the needs and fears that drive ordinary men and women into intolerable dilemmas, and the ways in which our best intentions can lead to our worst transgressions."

Win a copy of the movie "Sex and Death 101" - Ends September 13th
What J Kaye had to say about the movie: "Roderick Blank has it together. He’s financially successful and is getting married to the perfect woman and then the unthinkable happens. He gets an email listing all the women he has ever and will ever sleep with. And his fiancé isn’t the last on the list.
Sadly, many of the reference websites to this film tells how it ends. If I had known the ending up front, then it wouldn’t have been as good. Sex and Death 101 is dark, funny, and the perfect guy flick."

So hop on over to J Kaye's blog and read the great reviews she writes, enter her contests and dont forget to favorite her blog.


Win an ARC of Lisa Marie Wilkinson's New Book

Lisa Marie Wilkinson is a brand new author that has an historical romance "Fire at Midnight" debuting March 29th 2009. And she's offering an advanced readers copy of her book to anyone who visits her site and signs up between now and January 1st 2009. You have plenty of time to sign up but make sure you do and maybe you might walk away with a brand new book. A great way to start out the New Year. Here's a blurb about the book:

"Smugglers, pirates, ship wreckers and other assorted villains inhabit the southern coast of England in 1703. Rachael Penrose believes escaping the horrors of the notorious insane asylum “Bedlam” and rescuing her infant brother from the uncle who plans to poison him are the most daunting challenges she faces. But then, Rachael hasn’t met French smuggler Sebastién Falconer yet."

Just click the title above to be taken to Lisa's site so you can enter. Good luck!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Win With Wanderlust!

You all know about the awesome slam-bang contest to celebrate the release of the second Jax book "Wanderlust" I suspect. Right? Becuase I understand Ann Aguirre's become known for this sort of thing, so without further delay, Ann will reward your patience...
The contest is simple: the book releases in one week. At that time, you will go and buy it. An Amazon (or other online bookseller) preorder counts as well. You will then report back with your confirmation number (if you ordered online) in Ann Aguirre's comments. If you’ve already preordered, dig up that email and post your order number in Ann's comments instead. If you buy it next week on the 26th in a brick and mortar store, there should be a receipt number. Use that and post it in Ann Aguirre's comments. That’s your entry.
Think of it as a drawing (hey, you were gonna buy the book anyway, right? Right??) where you can win:
$200 in free books from your choice of booksellers
That’s right; you get to pick. Ann Aguirre will do a gift certificate from your favorite local indie store, or you can do BN, Borders, Booksamillion, Amazon, Powells, Coopersmith… the sky is the limit. Where do you want to spend my money?
So that’s the contest. It’s shiny and simple. Why this? Well, the street date is important, and Ann need lots of people buying the book right then in order to make bestseller lists. Does she care about that? Absolutely! So go, tell your friends, and then post your purchase info on Ann Aguirre's blog. She wants to give away this loot! There might also be unannounced bonus prizes if everyone will publicize this well for her.
The contest runs for two weeks, starting August 19th. Winner announced on September 3rd.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calling All Book Club Members...

I just wanted to post and get the word out about HarperCollins Publishers contest. You can enter to win free books for a year for you and your fellow book club members. Thats 12 copies of a specially selected title for an entire year! Just click above or go to and sign up for your chance to win. You have until August 26th. Good luck!


Cheryl's Book Nook Interview's J. Scott Savage + Giveaway

Along my many journey's across the internet I have found this wonderful blog with great reviews. And Cheryl's Book Nook is also having a fab contest this month. She's posted up a interview with author J. Scott Savage and a contest to win their new book "Farworld: Water Keep" as well. It's an advanced readers copy so if you win you will be amung the first to read this book before it comes out while us humbler folk have to wait for it to hit the shelves. This is also a collector's piece as well since it's autographed. Now if your wondering about this new book, it's a fantasy YA title and new to me but Cheryl had a great review posted on her blog so I'll include it here. Taken from Cheryl's blog...

"Thirteen year old, Marcus Kanenas has always had to defend for himself. His parents died when he was a baby. Marcus was born with some deformities. Marcus also has a strange mark on his shoulder. Marcus has a secret. He imagines a world far, far away known as Farworld. Everything there deals in magic….the people, the animals and even the trees and flowers talk.
One day a lawyer comes to the place where Marcus lives. He tells the man in charge that he has come on the behalf of Marcus’ parents and they want him back. The lawyer says though that he needs proof that Marcus really is the boy he is looking for. The boy he is interested in has a mark on his shoulder. Marcus can sense that the man is not really who he says he is and tries to escape. Unfortunately the man captures Marcus. The lawyer is actually an evil summoner known as Bonesplinter. He wants to kill him Marcus. Before Bonesplinter can do so Marcus ended up in Farworld.
There Marcus meets Kyja, her friend, a skyte named Riph Raph and Master Therapass, a master wizard. Master Therapass tells Kyja and Marcus to run for their lives from the Dark Circle. The Dark Circle is a group of summoners. Master Therapass tells Kyja and Marcus that he will catch up with them once he has taken care of some things. Kyja and Marcus end up experiencing all kinds of strange and unusual people and places in Farworld. To find out what types of things or if Kyja and Marcus survive you will just have to read Farworld: Water Keep for yourself.
I have not read a lot of young adult books. I do have to tell you though when I read the summary for FarWorld: Water Keep I thought I will give this book a chance. So glad I did. FarWorld: Water Keep was a good quality book, even if it is classified as a young adult book. The characters in this story were fun and had good personalities. Also I found the storyline to move at an easy pace. The only problem I had was just when the story was getting to the best part the book ended. So all I have to say is book two can’t come out fast enough. For anyone who enjoyed reading the Harry Potter books, and then you will probably like J. Scott Savage’s Far World: Water Keep series. Mr. Savage is going to make a great name for himself with readers of all ages."

... So there you have it. Interested in winning this book? Swing on over to Cheryl's Blog by clicking above or going here: and find out how. Good luck!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Bitten By Books Interviews Jeaniene Frost

Bitten By Books is one of my favorite websites. They have some of the best reviews and their contests are great. And as you might imagine this latest interview comes with a contest. Not that I wouldn't post about it without it because hey, this is Jeaniene Frost! I love her Night Huntress series and am dying to see book three's cover which she has been keeping hidden. (Darn it!) For those of you who don't know about this series, let me highly recommend it. It's wonderfully written with fantastic characters and lots of action.
The series starts with Cat on the prowl hunting down vampires. She lures them out of the nightclubs or bars and then kills them off. Being half vampire gives her a helping hand but even that cannot help her when the hunter becomes the hunted and Cat ends up a prisoner of one of her intended victims. But Bones turns out to be nothing like Cat could have expected. In fact he trains her to hunt down vampires.
As I said, I love this series and enjoyed getting to know all about one of my favorite authors in this latest interview. And then there's the contest. Jeaniene Frost is giving away the first two books of her series to one lucky commenter and they will be autographed! Or Bitten By Books will substitute the prize for a twenty dollar gift card! Your choice. So head on over to Bitten By Books via the link above and get commenting. Good Luck!


Blood of the Muse's Snake Agent Giveaway

Blood of the Muse is at it again with another great giveaway. This time the book up for grabs is "Snake Agent" by Liz Williams. This author is a new one for me but I thought the book summary sounded great:

"Detective Inspector Chen of the Singapore Three police department specializes in cases of a supernatural and mystical nature. So when the ghost of a murdered girl fails to arrive in Heaven as expected, it's up to Chen to investigate the matter.

Seneschal Zhu Irzh is a demon employed by Hell's own police force to promote and regulate Vice. So when a dead prostitute escapes from a brothel in the underworld, Zhu Irzh is assigned to track the irksome spirit down.

Chen wants to see Pearl Tang safely delivered to Heaven. Zhu Irzh is under orders to drag her back to Hell. The human and the demon have conflicting agendas, and every reason not to trust each other, but they may have to work together to uncover a fiendish conspiracy that stretches from the depths of Hell to the heights of modern cybernetics."

Interested in reading this one? Me too! Just head on over to the post by going to or clicking above to find out all the details. Contest runs until September 5th. Good luck!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Blogger Appreciations and More...

Today I found this new blog "My Friend Amy". She has great reviews and giveaways but it was one of her latest posts that really touched me...
Copied from Amy's blog:

"Book Bloggers: You work hard. You read books, you write reviews, you maintain relationships with your readers, publicists, and authors. You are constantly running to the post office to mail your giveaways and participating in carnivals to help boost traffic. You sometimes want to faint when you see the size of your TBR pile, but faithfully you read. And you do it because you love it. Book blogging is for most a hobby. But it's a hobby that takes a lot of work and time. It's a labor of love.
I've been blogging for three years but only really got into book blogging in the last year. I have found, without a doubt, that book bloggers are the kindest, most open minded, and supportive group of bloggers on the internet. With book blogging, it's about community and a love for the written word.

The Readers: We love you! You don't have a blog, but you read our reviews and share your thoughts with us. You enter our giveaways and click on our Amazon associates link. We do this for you and appreciate your readership. We hope you'll join in the fun and festivities of BBAW! (we'll have a special contest just for you!)

Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Acknowledging the hard work of book bloggers and their growing impact on book marketing and their essential contribution to book buzz in general, I am excited to announce the first Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Think of it as a retreat for book bloggers and a chance for us to totally nerd out over books together. And of course, shower each other with love and appreciation.

Register: In order to experience the maximum impact of the week, I invite you to register your participation (just like a retreat)!
To register, just send an email to bookbloggerappreciationweekATgmailDOTcom with your blog url and what you consider your niche...i.e, general book blog, classics blog, personal blog with a healthy dose of books, YA books blog, etc. Then, add one of the two buttons at the bottom of this post to your sidebar. If you are a reader (no blog) just send an email announcing your plans to follow along.
Why bother? If you register, you will be added to a book blog directory which will exist long after this week is over. Additionally, you will receive one raffle entry into the daily giveaways during BBAW here at My Friend Amy.

Awards: Oh yes, there will be awards. The Oscars of Book Blogging. :) Nominations start next week.

Spread the Word: If you are excited about this idea like I am and the other book bloggers who are helping, please consider writing a post on your blog announcing this event and inviting other book bloggers and readers to join."

Okay, so this is me spreading the word as much as I can to register your blogs or just sign up because your an avid book reader. And make sure when you go to the post by clicking above or when you email, that you give a little thanks to Amy for making us step back and see the bigger picture. Because without reviews for books and the people who write them, where would we be? It seems like a simple thing but when you think about it, there is a lot of work involved. Though tired from their other jobs, reviewers like Amy manage to constantly read through books to provide us with their thoughts and guide us through the book shelves and authors. A labor of love but it still takes time, patience and skill. So here's to all those reviewers out there. My thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions that help so many.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joy Nash's Immortal: Crossings Tour Giveaway

The Immortal series is a great one. Dealing with Fae and other paranormals, it's got action and romance with one heck of a storyline. Another thing, this series has so far been pened by different authors. And the next book up "Crossings" has been written by Joy Nash who is a brilliant author. And although her book doesn't hit shelves for a while, she's touring all over the internet to give away 50 copies of her book. For the when and where and how, just take a peek at her website at and then follow her to the website/blog for that corresponding day. Good luck!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Treasures From the Dark Contest

I just had to share with everyone this latest contest happeneing over at Lori Devoti's website. It's a Scavenger Hunt that looks to be fun. And the prize is definitely worth it. From the website:

"Win great prizes from six authors of dark romantic fiction: Eve Silver, Jennifer St. Giles, Lori Devoti, Michele Hauf, Rebecca York, and Vivi Anna.

One winner gets it all! Here’s what’s in the prize package: Autographed copy of NEW MOON by Rebecca York. ARC of the anthology, NATURE OF THE BEAST, which includes Eve Silver’s historical gothic novella, Kiss of the Vampire. Copy of HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER by Michele Hauf and a DVD of UNDERWORLD II and chocolate! Signed copies (one each) of SILKEN SHADOWS by Jennifer St. Giles and LURE OF THE WOLF by Jennifer St. Giles. Signed copies of UNBOUND by Lori Devoti and GUARDIAN’S KEEP by Lori Devoti."

For the contest questions and websites head on over to or click the link in the title above. Happy hunting!


BookRoomReview's Kelley Armstrong Summoning Giveaway

Some of you may have noticed I have added to my Blogroll and BookRoomReviews is definitely on there. They give the best and latest info on all the new books out plus there's also the great giveaways. Now they have other giveaways on the site but I'm spotlighting Kelley Armstong's book "The Summoning" because Kelly has always been a favorite author of mine starting from book one of hers. I was "Bitten" and there was no going back. So for a chance to win Kelley's "The Summoning", head on over to BookRoomReviews at or click the above link in the title. Post a comment to be entered. Contest ends Sept 1st so you have some time to enter but it if were me, I'd get my entry in. You don't want to miss this one. Good luck!


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blood of the Muse's Jim Butcher Giveaway

I found this great blog 'Blood of the Muse' online and they happen to be giving away a copy of Jim Butcher's "White Knight". If you can believe it, the book is even signed! Now Jim Butcher is one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend his Harry Dresden series of which this is a part of. Here's a review from Publisher's Weekly to give you a little inside info:

"At the start of Butcher's superlative ninth Dresden Files novel (after 2006's Proven Guilty), hardboiled wizard detective Harry Dresden learns that someone is killing Chicago's minor wizards. Joined by his police friend, Sergeant Murphy, and his Amazonian apprentice, Molly Carpenter, Harry discovers that his brother, Thomas, is a prime suspect. As a Warden of the White Council, at war with both the Red Court of blood-drinking vampires and the White Court of psychic vampires, Harry has to go into action. And there's plenty of that, including a battle with ghouls on the lakefront that turns into a gripping flashback of another encounter with ghouls some years before in New Mexico."

To win simply hop on over to for more details on how to enter or click the link in the title above to be taken to the post. Contest ends August 31st. Good luck!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kathryne Kennedy's Double Enchantment

"Simply delightful!"~Publishers Weekly
Please visit:

Book Description
Lady Jasmina was in a world of trouble. A simple spell had gone disastrously haywire and now there was a woman running around London who looked exactly like her--a woman with no sense of propriety whatsoever. All Society was whispering, and a baronet she'd never met was suddenly acting like he knew a most intimate way. To find her double and set things right, they'd have to work together--braving the fog-shrouded streets, a mysterious group called the Brotherhood, and a passion stronger than any magic.

You can swing on over to to see about pre-ordering it or click the link above to read the first 2 chapters from this great new book. I'm really looking forward to reading this book when it hits book shelves but so far Amazon has not posted a date for it's release. Isn't that always the way when you read about something you want?


Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Wedding and A Giveaway!

Janicu is getting married!! You go girl! Congratulations and best wishes to you! Now your asking, whats this about a contest? Well Janicu happens to be a very giving person. Even though it's her big day coming up, she's decided to celebrate with everyone else and have a giveaway. Doesn't she rock?! I know! I think so too. So stop on by her Livejournal or Vox page, leave her a message of congratulations on her upcoming wedding and be entered to win. Janicu is giving away a twenty dollar e-certificate to Barnes and Nobles and an paperback book of your choice from a list of great authors that are on her page consisting of Linnea Sinclair, Wen Spencer, Ann Aguirre, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Eve Kenin, Michelle Sagara and Jocelynn Drake. You can enter until about 8/10/08 so hop on over to her Vox page at or her Livejournal page at Click on the title to get to her LiveJournal page. Good luck!