Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wrapping up January

Hello all, I've missed most of this month online and for that I apologise. Things happen in life though. Lots of things I certainly didn't plan like having my internet connection go out on me, etc. But thankfully I am back on track. Now for some contests and freebies...

Harlequin celebrates it's 60th Anniversary this year. Congraulations Harlequin and all the wonderful authors published under Harlequin's many genre's and series of books! And it definitely makes for a fun celebration with Harlequin giving away free ebooks. Just go to Harlequin's website and they have a great selection of books for you to chose from for a free download. And not only that but you can not only download one book but all the books! And I'd definitely keep checking the site after this first visit as well because Harlequin has hinted that the celebration is not over yet so there will be more freebies and fun to come through the year.
Are you an expert of some thing or another? Like to give tips to others and share what you know? Well then, writing a Knol is right up your alley. What is a Knol you ask? It's an authoritative article about a specific topic. Basically a how-to written article. And right now if you write your own Knol, on any subject, you could be one of 5 finalists featured on, or even the grand prize winner who'll receive a cash prize of $1,000. That's right, simply share a short how-to on anything and your entered to win. Just visit the Google/Knol/Dummies website for details and then start writing. Good luck!

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